Yes. The project may span other days, but a significant part of the activity must occur Oct. 25. If you can’t participate on Saturday for religious reasons – that is, if Saturday is your holy day – please volunteer Sunday, Oct. 26. If you miss the date because of scheduling conflicts or bad weather, we regret that the effort cannot be considered for an award. If your volunteers are together Monday through Friday only (such as schools and workplaces), plan an extra effort for Oct. 25. Example: If a school collects food during the week, students can serve it to the homeless that Saturday. Make A Difference day always takes place on the 4th Saturday in October.

Many readers participate without seeking recognition or donations. Still, USA WEEKEND wants to hear about what you’re doing! Your idea could benefit other communities in need of solutions. Also, reporting to us could result in publicity for your cause.

Please call 1-800-416-3824 or email diffday@usaweekend.com and we would be happy to answer your questions or help you register your project.

The 2014 winners will be announced by April of 2015.

Additional questions not listed here?  Call us at 1-800-416-3824 or email diffday@usaweekend.com



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